Are you DONE-ZO with not feeling good enough, being stressed and sacrificing your truth to appease others? 

Are you ready to dance into your greatness and start shimmering your brightest light?

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  • A powerful 30 minute, inner-child guided meditation to help you heal long-standing insecurities, doubts and shame.
  • An interactive self-awareness workbook to help you dive deep into how you constructed your identity and how it limits you. 
  • A video training where I break down the science of insecurities and self-doubt and teach you exactly how to free yourself from self-imposed limitations.

The Achievement Trap is my #1 Amazon bestselling book about how to heal the source of stress, franticness, perfectionism, the need to people please, and that pesky sense of never being good enough or doing enough.

Following the protocol in the The Achievement Trap is so much more than reading a book. It is an act of rebellion against a society that wants to profit off of you seeking your worth outside of yourself.

It is a reclaiming of what is rightfully yours: the right to your joy and confidence, the right to listen to your heart, to your intuition, and the right to live a meaningful, playful, created life.

You are no pawn in someone else's game. The world needs you to awaken to your sovereignty, your unique magic, your freedom. The world needs you to unleash your inspiration.

Because readers of The Achievement Trap already want more interaction with this powerful work, I've created The Achievement Trap Six Week Interactive Experience!

I want to hold your hand through the process of remembering your deepest truth.

With purchase of The Achievement Trap book, you get the first week of the program FREE!

Let's do this together.

What The 6 week program includes:

  • Weekly video trainings. Topics include:

    • Identifying the source of your stress and feelings of inadequacy

    • Healing past-based hurt and trauma

    • Overcoming indecision and choosing powerfully

    • Emotional freedom

    • How to let go of feeling upset/dissatisfied with yourself

    • Creating heart-based soul goals.

  • Weekly guided meditations to heal the source of feelings of inadequacy.

  • Additional worksheets to guide you through self-healing.

  • Guided mirror work, visualization, and inner child work!

  • A 60 minute 1-1 coaching session with me to integrate all of the material and powerfully plan out your dreams.


Here's the weekly breakdown of the course:

Week One: 

The Illusion of You

  • A deep dive into how you constructed your identity and how it limits you. 
  • Gain new insights into how to break free of the confines of your self image.
  • Begin to understand the science of insecurities and limiting beliefs.
  • Learn why your feelings of unworthiness seem so real, why it seems like you always need to do more in order to be good enough, and how to see through those illusions.

Week Two:

Ending the war of Good you vs. Bad you

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your defense mechanisms and how to not need them.
  • Discover how to win back the energy you have been wasting by overcompensating for perceived inadequacies. 
  • Learn how to be powerful in the face of insecurities, indecision, doubt and self-judgement.
  • Integrate your shadow.

Week three:

Re-discover your deepest desires

  • Re-discover the person you have always wanted to be.
  • Re-connect with your childlike sense of adventure, inspiration and wonder.
  • Heal shame around your desires.
  • Begin to clarify your dreams and heart-based goals.

Week four:

Letting go of upset and dissatisfaction

  • Heal the source of your dissatisfaction with yourself. 
  • Understand the psychology behind getting upset and learn the technology for how to not stay upset.
  • Gain power over your fear voice.
  • Confront your inner boogie man.
  • Learn how to generate inspiration in any moment.

Week five:

Feel it, heal it

  • Override escapism and learn how to safely confront the emotions, thoughts and memories you've been resisting or suppressing.
  • Begin to strengthen your nervous system to allow abundance to flow through you.
  • Discover how to be the person you've been waiting to be, now.

Week Six:

choosing and declaring

  • Set powerful, heart-based goals.
  • Learn how to pre-empt goal-following challenges.
  • Discover how to generate your own motivation and inspiration to follow your goals, in any moment.
  • Step more fully into whom you most want to be.

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Get your free week of The Achievement Trap online course!

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